The places I want to travel to and places I've been to ♥

🌏 Europe

travel, architecture, and brussels image Image removed
Brussel, Belgium ✓
Image removed amsterdam image
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
france, paris, and travel image Image by ᴊ ᴏ ᴄ ᴇ ʟʏ ɴ ☾
Paris, France ✓
architecture, travel, and church image city image
Barcelona, Spain
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Verona, Italy
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Budapest, Hungary
Temporarily removed city, europe, and vintage image
Dublin, Ireland
Image removed london, travel, and city image
London, England ✓
edinburgh and vintage image autumn, fall, and rain image
Edinburgh, Scotland
Temporarily removed Athens, Greece, and girl image
Athens, Greece ✓
crete, hersonissos, and chersonissos image crete, sunrise, and hersonissos image
Hersonissos, Crete ✓
copenhagen, denmark, and photography image Temporarily removed
Copenhagen, Denmark
art, city, and discover image Temporarily removed
Prague, Czech Republic
city, berlin, and germany image berlin, cities, and city image
Berlin, Germany
rome, italy, and travel image travel, rome, and architecture image
Roma, Italy
black, christmas, and church image adventure, city, and europe image
Helsinki, Finland
cambridge, college, and school image photography, travel, and architecture image
Cambridge, England ✓
glasgow, places, and scotland image building, glasgow, and architecture image
Gasgow, Scotland
christmas image city, lights, and norway image
Oslo, norway
travel, Greece, and summer image girl, summer, and travel image
santorini, Greece
travel, city, and nature image zurich image
Zurich, Switzerland
istanbul image house, istanbul, and place image
Istanbul, Turkey
beautiful, girl, and pink image venice image
Venice, Italy

🌏 North America

canada, follow, and lifestyle image Image removed
Toronto, Canada
beach, big, and car image beach, loneliness, and ocean image
Miami, USA ✓
new york, new york times, and photography image Brooklyn, city, and gossip girl image
New York City, USA ✓
adventure, building, and capitol image art, capitol, and city image
Washington D.C., USA
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Quebec City, Canada
hawaii image Temporarily removed
Hawaï, USA
bridge, travel, and city image Image removed
California, USA
Image removed bc, building, and canada image
Vancouver, Canada
cities, ohio, and city image Temporarily removed
Ohio, USA

🌏 South America

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Havana, Cuba
brazil, rio de janeiro, and nature image Image removed
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Temporarily removed beach, palms, and sunrise image
Cancún, Mexico
life, nice, and paradis image beach, beauty, and paradise image
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
machu picchu, nature, and peru image Temporarily removed
Machu Picchu, Peru

🌏 Asia

architecture, retro, and russia image Image removed
Moscow, Russia
korea, south korea, and seoul image Temporarily removed
Seoul, South Corea
china, shanghai, and travel image Temporarily removed
Shanghai, China
Image removed Image removed
Bankok, Thailand
blossom, castle, and cherry image Temporarily removed
Tokyo, Japan
place, travel, and world image Image by Brenda Tamara
Delhi, India
colors, hanoi, and sky image Temporarily removed
Hanoi, Vietnam
singapore image indonesia, bali, and sky image
Singapore, Singapore
travel, china, and nature image beijing, black and white, and building image
Beijing, China
japan, filmcamera, and osaka castle image asia, Harajuku, and japanese image
Osaka, Japan
summer, sea, and beach image Temporarily removed
The Maldives

🌏 Australia

girl image travel, Sydney, and australia image
Sydney, Australia
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Auckland, New Zealand

🌏 Africa

sunset, city, and light image sincerely jules, famous people, and marrakech image
Marrakech, Morocco
Temporarily removed yoga, cape town, and south africa image
Cape Town, South Africa

Love ♥