It’s just sad about these young immigrants and american citizen teenagers who have parents that are also immigrants get turned down by many places such as education or the chance to work. Why? Just because they are “illegal” and are put as a “criminal”. Well guess what some of the are trying to live a normal life like any other american citizen here in the United States benefitting for their children in order to achieve their dreams and get into a good career such as maybe in the medical field or study law. Personally it’s hilarious the person who is in control with this garbage has absolutely no political experience and has the actions of a complete tyrant yet...still succeeds on the stuff that he wants. Isn’t wonderful that now that the dreamers are in danger of getting depORted and not having the chance to study on what they want? Isn’t wonderful that women now are now mistreated even more now with rape and physical abuse? And most of all isn’t wonderful that now we have more of a big issue with guns and yet nothing has progressed to fix this? Society now is so wonderful and thank you sir! Thank you sir! You have made such progress and thank you for taking away the education of those young dreamers! Thank you for treating women like toys! And finally...THANK YOU FOR RUINING FOR MY LIFE!