Welcome to my new article. For writing about this topic I got inspired by myself. When I need to wake up early it sometimes seems very difficult so I tried different things that help me feel better when I wake up and there are 7 habits that helped me.

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The first 10 minutes after you wake up are the most influential time, so it is important to have a mindful routine and ritual in place to make sure your mind and body are happy from the start.

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Choose a time to get up, and tell yourself that snooze button is not even an option.

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Stretching first thing in the morning has several health benefits, including muscle and joint flexibility, stress relief, and improved circulation.

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Your body is made of 60% of water and after sleeping for 7-8 hours your body just needs water so start your morning with a cup of water. your body will appreciate that.

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4= Breakfast

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day. There are so many health benefits to eating a healthy breakfast!

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Your morning you can start with upbeat music or you might prefer something calming or relaxing; whatever you choose be sure it makes you feel happy and charges your morning!

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Turn off your notifications.

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When you choose to read a positive, encouraging book, this practice is something that makes a big difference. Turn off the music and the phone, and take a few minutes to soak your mind in words.

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