Hey everyone! I haven't written an article in a long time so I decided that today was the perfect time to write an article. It's all about how to glo up.

First, I want to clarify something, glo ing up isn't just having a pretty face and body it's you building better self confidence and your personality matures, this is not just a process of what you look like from the outside. What's on the inside matters a lot and contributes to you becoming a more beautiful person.

Glo-Up (How to)


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Academic or education or career plays a BIG part in gloing up. Smart girls are beautiful girls. This is in no way pressure, take it slow. Do things step by step, make sure you concentrate in school and that you finish your homework and revise things.


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Food is all we all care about (obviously) so instead of eating all that junk food have some fruits, meal prep or try something new. I'm not telling you to eat greens every single day but once again, take it slow and start improving a little everyday. DRINK WATER TOO!


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Exercise is a very important part in gloing up. Make sure that whatever form of exercise you are doing, you truly enjoy and like doing it, because if you don't then you're just going to put it off everyday.


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Make sure that you take good care of your body and skin. Shower everyday, use moisturizer and face wash, keep your eyebrows under control, brush your hair, brush your teeth and floss them too. Keep your nails clean and trimmed, keep your lips moisturized etc. This will also give you the glo you want!


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Be the happiest that you can possibly be and always think positive, love yourself and your body before you love anyone else!


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Decorate your house, room or just your space and make it look pretty and aesthetic so that the space around you also "glos up"


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Get rid of toxin friendships/relationships, you already know that they are going to end anyway so why cause all that anxiety and sadness instead of talking to that person or group of people and letting it go or if their is space for improvement then improve.


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Think positive and you"ll attract positivity, be happy and try to remember everything happens for a reason.

I really hope this article helped you in some way!

Until Next Time,