As a 9-year-old I thought I'd have it all figured out when I'm a Teenager. Well, I knew that I would have problems with boys and school and parents, but the way movies and tv shows and music videos portrayed it looked like a lot of fun...

Everyone expects something from Teenagers, they're loud and party too much and they drink and take drugs and fuck around.
I never had the urge to do so but because the media portrayed it like that, I felt like I have to do all of these things. My friends never drank or took drugs, therefore, I never did any of these.
And to be honest I felt like I was lame and was missing out.
In a way, I even felt like my well-behaved friends were holding me back from having the "ultimate teenager experience" that every teenager had.
I got in contact with other teenagers that had "the ultimate teenage experience" and they thought it was cute that I was inexperienced.
Well, I wasn't inexperienced by choice. I wasn't opposed to anything.
Life just never gave me the opportunity to do so.

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When I turned 18 I hung out with this Dude who was 3 years older than me and still in high school. He provided me with alcohol and he talked about weed all the time.
I was fascinated by him.
We danced together at prom while I drank from his flask.
My friends thought that this was a weird and toxic friendship but I did not care. I wanted my "teenage experience".
We got drunk at parties. He still babied me though, he made sure I came home safe after the parties and he never wanted to give me any weed because he said: "I was too pure".
We lost contact after graduation and I was back to my "boring" friends.

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One summer my friend and I started going to clubs. I drank. I danced with boys. Eventually made out with a guy in the club for the first time and it was the most disgusting thing ever.
Seriously. He smashed his tongue into my mouth as if he was looking for something in it. And I think I understood something that night.
Teenagers are always portrayed as this crazy species that is untameable and always rebelling.

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In the past rebelling teenagers (& Youngsters in general) changed the world. They used their time and protested for what they believed in.
Image by jenn
It still happens today. Our people are on the streets and still fighting for what they believe in.

I like reading, I like writing, In my free time I read about global politics and about economics.
Sometimes I am studying at work during breaks and I get raised eyebrows from my adult coworkers.
I get comments about how I behave older than my age.
I get comments about how I should know what I want to do in life.
I get comments about how I should go out more from others.
I get comments about how I should go out less from others.
I get comments about how I am too young to know about this and that.
I get comments about how I am told old not to know about this and that.

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This time in your life is stressful enough without society and older people having expectations to you.
Its a time of figuring yourself out.
May it be through books or through parties or however you like.
Some of us decide to change the world and are on the streets.
Others try to change the world in college.
Others simply don't.
And that's okay.
Its all okay.
We not easily summed up by excessive partying and sexual experiences.
It's disrespectful to the ones trying to speak up but are not listened to because they are teenagers.
It's disrespectful towards to ones that have never experienced the taste of alcohol and drugs and who are being called lame.
It's disrespectful to those who feel pressured to have their romantic experiences early in life.
Being called "Late bloomers".
Being lame when you want to focus on your studies.
Being wild when you like to party.

We are a force to be reckoned with and no I didn't wish I was born in a different generation
(in fact, I think going back in time wouldn't be in my favor as a black female).
We have the whole world in our hands.

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Save the Teenager
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