Hello everybody! i've seen a lot of we hearters post this and i have to be honest it's one of my favorite posts to read. anyways i gave it a try and i hope you like it
my name is Teodora
paradise, tokyo, and travel image city, neon, and aesthetic image Image removed city, japan, and purple image
Tokyo, Japan
travel, city, and prague image Image removed castillo, castle, and city image city, edinburgh, and europe image
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
beautiful, capital, and city image city, lights, and norway image city, norway, and oslo image Temporarily removed
Oslo, Norway
city and Dallas image blue, buildings, and city image Image by Safaa city, lights, and new york city image
Dallas, United States
autumn, beautiful, and canada image canada, countries, and ottawa image building, canada, and city image canada, cities, and ottawa image
Ottawa, Canada
beautiful, blue, and city image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Rijeka, Croatia
amsterdam, city, and netherlands image amsterdam, blue, and building image travel, aesthetic, and house image amsterdam, travel, and city image
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


This is it , i hope you liked it
Love you guys, take care

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