"Describe three things you are doing right now."

As far as this actual moment goes, I just woke up. I'm browsing we heart it, drinking water, and thinking about breakfast. But I assume this question means three broader things I am doing in my life currently. And because I've already talked about my hobbies, I'll try some different things.

1. I'm planning for college. Unlike a typical college experience, I have an apartment that I'm moving into during the summer with a few other girls. We've already signed the lease for August. I just bought a new desk that's a lot smaller but also smarter, and now I have to figure out what other things I can bring. My dad will be selling our house, so I can't leave anything here. I'm a bit worried about space because I need my books, so I need my bookcase.

2. I'm currently on a weight loss journey. I have never before actually tracked my food, but I'm doing it now, and I think it's been a good thing for me. I've had a pretty abusive relationship with food and fitness since I was twelve. I'm still afraid to weigh myself, but counting calories has been a step in the right direction. I lost an inch off my waist and I've noticed my belly fat shrink significantly. I feel really good.

3. I'm experiencing Spring. Spring is my favorite season, not only for the flowers and the sun and the renewal, but the graduation, too. All my favorite things happen in Spring. School gets to that point in the year where teachers slow down, have a set date for everything to be due, and I'm able to finish quickly and then relax. So for about the last month of school, I'm never overwhelmed. And then there's all the exciting things we do in the music department, with a lot of team building and senior celebration. I love graduations. I've played in the band for the past six years at graduation, and I don't think any day is quite as beautiful all year. Not even Christmas. There's red and white flowers, a big beautiful tent, and somehow, the sun ALWAYS shines by the end. Seriously. There have been years where it downpours, but as soon as those caps go up in the air, the sun peaks over the mountains.
This year, I'm more excited for Spring than ever. This was the worst winter I've ever seen where I live, so the next season is greatly needed. And, if you've inferred correctly, this is my senior year. My graduation. I get to take part in all the things I loved watching all these years. I get to try on my cap and gown in a few weeks, get my "senior night" for the music department, get to paint my block on the music department wall, get to attend my own baccalaureate, senior skip day, among other things. I have two months left of school, and then graduate on June 8th.

I've never been so excited.