Holà guys ! I hope you're well ! Sorry for the absence ☺. Today, I meet you to present the dog races that I like, as you see in the title haha.

🐶 Yorkshire

dog, puppy, and cute image dog, yorkie, and cute image
I have two Yorkshire, so it makes sense to me to love these dogs haha. They are very small and sooo cute. And my dogs are so adorable ❤️

🐶 Australian Shepherd

autumn, dog, and australian shepherds image australian shepherd and dog image
I love Australian Shepherd so much. With these different colors and especially with the eyes of different colors. pity my parents do not want big dogs because it's really my favorite dog breed. but I know that when I live alone, I will adopt one of these dogs.

🐶 Pug

dog, puppy, and animal image Image removed
I had a pug and I love this breed (yes I like all breeds of dogs haha), with his head crushed, these dogs are really cute

🐶 Chow Chow

dog, puppy, and animal image dog, animal, and sweet image
these dogs are too cute, they give me cravings to hold them tight against me all day long so they look like teddy bears 🐻 and I have the impression that they smile all the time with their blue languages ​​too

🐶 Samoyed

dog, light, and cute image dog, flowers, and animal image
I met not long ago people in my city who had one, it is thanks to them that I know this race, previously I did not know at all and when I saw this dog, I I have cracked, he is really too beautiful, every time I see him, I caress him haha

🐶 Cavalier King Charles

dog, puppy, and snow image dog, animal, and puppy image
I also had two Cavalier King Charles and aside from telling you that they are cute like all other dogs I have nothing else to say to you

Here are some breeds of dogs that I love, yes I didn't put them all to you, as you must have noticed I like big dogs, do not ask me why, I don't know myself, apart that they are cute haha ​​and that with them we feel safe, I don't see what I could tell you other than ADOPT THESE DOGS!

XoXo, Arìes ♡