Here are somee of my favourite songs of the 63rd edition of Eurovison song contest in Lisbon,Portugal!

Sweden-Benjamin Ingrosso-Dance you off

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I used to think that you were worth the best in life Feels like I'm stuck here in time While I've been trying to forget ya

Czech Republic-Mikolas Josef-Lie to me

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Lie to me oh baby lean upon my shoulder Lie to me Get down on my body and love me like it was always meant to be Now you love somebody new I always knew

Australia-Jessica Mauboy-We Got Love

I know what you must be thinking
That we are powerless to change things
But don't, don't give up
'Cause we got love, 'cause we got love

Cyprus-Eleni Foureira-Fuego

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Cause I'm burning up and I ain't coolin' down Yeah I got the the fire


You light up my world
No I need no diamond or pearls, not that kind of girl
Over the moon
I'll be your queen and I'll be your fool
Go crazy for your love

Belgium-Sennek-A matter of time

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Sometimes it feels like it's meant to be broken Sometimes we long for the unspoken We try to avoid every commotion By showing hardly any emotion


Love is like a black hole
Everything is dark
You just gotta let go
And feel it, feel it, feel it

So I love beyond the bones
Goes deep inside your soul

Finland-Saara AAalto-Monsters

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At my worst I found my army strong All the demons are gone You can try and scare me now, but I ain't scared no more I ain't scared no more


We so afraid, repeat the mistake
Just to come first
We’re the liars in the face of facts
Different weapon but the same attack
No I ain’t throwing stones

Macedonia-Eye Cue-Lost & Found

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Have you ever thought about it? We went too far, no there's no way back No way back

Ukraine-Melovin-Under the ladder

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You can see that whatever the weather That the wind’s always there, always fair And it has always been now or never The decision has got to be made

Austria-Cesar Sampson-Nobody but you

It wouldn’t be right letting you go running away from love

Spain-Alfred &Amaia-Tu cancion

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Siento que bailo por primera vez Eres el arte que endulza la piel


No need to worry, rain falling down
It's our happiest story and there's no one around
We will go for it and I know you'll be mine forever

France-Madame Monsier-Mercy

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