hey everyone, so because I'm going on holiday on Wednesday, I thought that I'd share with you what I'm bringing and some of my carry-on essentials

❍ books
this is one of the most important items that I bring on holiday because I can go through 3 or 4 books when I'm away. make sure that you bring either books or card games etc to entertain yourself both on the plane and when you're there.

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❍ swimwear
obviously if you're going skiing or somewhere cold, then this might not be very useful but if you're travelling somewhere hot and sunny, a bikini or swimming costume is a must!

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❍ camera
you may want to bring a polaroid or something to record your memories and get some great souvenirs of your trip. I'm taking along a disposable camera as they're quite cheap and you can go and get them developed afterwards

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things to bring in your carry on bag

❏ passport and boarding pass
good luck trying to get anywhere without these haha

❏ a good playlist
I personally always make a playlist for wherever I go on holiday because I think that matching the place that you're going to some good tunes makes the trip that much better!

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❏ water and snacks
this is definitely a priority for me since I always need my favourite snacks and a bottle of water when I go anywhere, and this way, its not a problem if the plane doesn't serve any good food.

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thanks for reading x