Hello there,
I've been into this platform for over 5 years.
never done an article so this is my first time
bear with me
Sooo lets get started


I was born and rasied in north Italy near Milan ,still live. I wish i could vist more of this beautiful country but i don't have much time and none to go with.

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I'm almost 18, i'm a dream gal, i most of the time i like being alone and cook alone it helps get the stress out ( i know it sounds weird but i like its a really good method).


I like to travel so far I've been to a lot of places like New York, New Jeresy, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa and other beautiful cities.

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Food is like the best thing you could ever get to a person, my favorite food is Pizza (pizza is life) and pasta, ravioli, basically any italian food lol.
I'm A PRO at cooking pizza for my family and i can offially say that i beat my mum at cooking it (she's an amazing cook)

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This tv shows are like my landscape when i feel sad or stressed or anxious i go watch them


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i like to be elegent, casual and sporty at the same time
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and i really love wearing jewerly i'm obsessed with them


Music is a big thing for me i don't know how to describe it, its a magical thing
i don't have a favorite kind, like old 50's , 80's and i really enjoy old french music, my favorite singers are edith piaf , selena gomez, rita ora , ray charles , elvis presley , bruno mars , drake etc...

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That's all for now!
hope you enjoyed it

see ya next time

quote of the day

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
-Winston Churchill