as every year before this i always make list of things i would like to change/ work on in my life, but i always seem to find excuse not to get them done. Maybe this year i will break free from everything that's stopping me and actually get them done.
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joining a gym was always on my mind, i wanna get sweaty and sculpture my body, it's also very healthy for the mind.
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i wanna meet new people and make new friends, enjoy life. i don't wanna miss out on things anymore, i wanna party, i wan't chill nights on the side walk, i want brunch and coffee dates. someone to listen and a friendship that pushes each other to be greater, to do greater.
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i'm trying to study more and be more focused in classes.
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looks good, feels good. it's easy to give in to eating fast food and just unhealthy food in general but a good will and sacrfise are cruical.
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by reading we're learning, and discovering not only the world but ourselves. have you ever stumbled across a sentence that just stood out and you had to reread it again but slower, just letting it sink further and furter because it hit you like a truck.They have a power to take ypu to whole other dimension, and the best thing about it is that everyone is taken to their own universe, no two people visualize it the same! isn't that cool?! yep that's the power only books have.
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i need to stop living in the past and dwell on the days that are never coming back and learn to focus on today, on this moment because otherwise i will be wasting time and regretting it later. so go out and just sink everything in, feel the wind, take a long breath, feel the ground in your feet.. this is now, and it already passed as you were reading this.


i could find a hundred more things but i need to save something for part 2 too ;)
anyways i hope you enjoyed and if you'd like you could tell me things YOU wanna get done this year in my dm's OR make a post and tag me in it!!
love you all, take care.

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