The only thing that kills me is your fucking smile.

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Your happy no matter what smile.
Your beautifull ocean eyes.
Your laugh, which just makes me wanna fly inside.

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You kill me with your awesome inside.
Your respect for me, and your confidence.
And what kills me even more

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That i am not even such a beautifull wallflower.
Iam not happy all the time
And i am a dissapointmen.

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I am such a fucking negative person
That i even made you like that

Temporarily removed

Or maybe i just hoped i made you like this.

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Because you hurt everyone with your confidence.
You hurt whenever if its your loved person or your hater.

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You hurt everyone you see with your beautifull eyes.
And i litterally even two times hoped, that you changed.
That you are not you.

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That your smile would be just a little bit less beautifull.
But thats the thing.

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I love you for that.
I love you, that you are a hurter boy.

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That you are such a heartbreaker,
and such a gamer.
so i become one for you.

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I became a game.
so easy and simple game.

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But you don't like basic things unfortunately.

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So you just left me like nothing's ever happened

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this is my last article before my travel.
text me what article you want for next week.
care of yourself. *-*.