Liquid Crystal Digital (LCD) screens of laptops are very fragile. The most common problem with them is their flickering screen, which can be seen when the screen is moved back and forward. So, it is better to resolve this issue as soon as possible, otherwise, it can damage the screen permanently. There are many things to consider while attempting troubleshooting the cause of this issue.

Any computer repair specialist in Atlanta can fix your laptop, but you can also try to mend it on your own. Mentioned below are some of the causes of flickering of a laptop screen:

  • Bad Cable:

*Loose Cable
The loose end of the cable behind the LCD screen can be another cause of flickering screen. The cable can be loose-fitting from the connector attached to the motherboard. The more common of these two causes is the joint behind the LCD, which can be easily accessed. This involves detaching as well as taking out the facemask and unbolting it from the brackets. Then, you will be capable of reseating (removing and reconnecting) the connector from the back of the screen. If doing this will not resolve the problem, then you will have to take the laptop completely or partially apart to reach to the connector on the motherboard.

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