Ciao Miei Angeli! I've been teaching myself Italian (and now trying out French) so I thought I'd share with you guys how I do it.

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This app is honestly amazing! I use it all the time since it teaches you speaking, reading and writing all at once and continues to test to on that subject every so often. There are so many languages to choose from although there are some languages (such as arabic) that english speakers can't learn just yet, but the app developers are working on it! the best part about this app is that it's absolutely free. :)

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Are you a visual or auditory learner? Do you prefer learning through physical activities?
If you prefer visual or being i a situation where you're forced to learn, try sticking post it notes on objects around your room with the word or phrase in whichever language. This way, you can become more confident when naming things. If you have a bit more money in your bank account and a bit of free time, why not take a vacation to the country so you can really get a feel for the language and culture. I know a couple of people that had to live in Italy with their family and they were able to learn the language easier since it was all around them.

If you prefer auditory, Listen to music in that language, watch a movie with english subtitles and then to challenge yourself watch it without subtitles afterwards.

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Work on pronunciation and have friends and family test to with flash cards, there are also plenty of language books, CDs and tapes out there all to your disposal!

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Remember, IT IS OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES! You're learning, Thats fine, you have to start from somewhere right? Have fun with it and be bold, if you visit a country that speaks the language you're learning, say hello, how are you? It is honestly great practice! Or maybe a friend who speaks the language can help you, that could make things more fun and interesting right?

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Welp, I hope you enjoyed this article, thats it for now, until next time! <3

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