From ever since i write, there has been a thing called "Writing Inspiration". I remember it coming from time to time, wherever it wanted, and making me grab a sheet of paper and a pen in on order to calm my mind. I wrote my best poem for the time just when i was about to fall asleep. But there it was somewhere in my mind, ringing the bells.

I didn't mind it coming just from time to time and disappearing just right after. Back then i was writing just for myself and i wasn't really interested in having my 8 hours of good sleep. But here i am now, writing for much bigger audience, catching deadlines and actually taking care of my regular sleep.

So i want to ask some questions, as an example - what Writing Inspiration is and how do i find it?

"What do you mean you can't come right now? My readers are waiting for me to post a chapter!" - is all i want to tell this mysterious thing through the phone, but it turns out, it doesn't have a phone number.

So i open up my laptop, open a new Word document and continue sitting on my chair with hands, resting on the keyboard. I wait for it a few minutes, staring at the screen. My Word document page is still blank and a half an hour has passed away. I decide to close my laptop and to start my math homework, thinking i know all the secrets to this Writing Inspiration thing, and that i'll probably will successfully trick it. I plan on going to bed earlier this night and pretending that i'm going to sleep, but i'll actually wait for it to come.

But it seems to be smarter than me and doesn't fall in my trap. Now i think it's offended because it keeps running away from me whenever i open up my laptop.

A few days after my readers get impatient in the comments on my story and i decide that i'm going to have to handle the situation without the WI thing. But my fifty written words in the Word document seem to be really boring and i delete them. Then i write new ones again and again. And the cycle continues until i decide to go to sleep because tomorrow i'll have a chemistry exam and i don't want to be grumpy the whole day from lack of sleep.

The following week i get the answers to my questions. The WI thing finally comes and i write 3000 words long chapter, feeling all relaxed in the end of it. My readers seem to be happy even thought i made them wait longer than both me and they expected.

The WI thing turns out to be something that i can't actually call as you would a friend. It neither is a taxi. I have to search for it instead, later i realise. I have to go outside and find beauty in nature, i have to listen to certain types of songs, i have to do a research about the theme i'm writing for... Then i have to come back home, open up my laptop and start writing in my new Word document. I can't get distracted because the WI thing might get upset and go away.

But in the end of the day, i learn how to be friends with it and how to love the beauty in his arrivals at my door. That's how i learn how to love writing as well.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Thank you for reading, Xx.