Hey guys. Before we start I have terrible news: My little cousin deleted We Heart It from my phone!!! She was playing with it (my mom forced me to give my phone to her) and she deleted it on PURPOSE!!! And when I downloaded it again, it couldn't log in to this profile so I am left with this on my computer and a new profile on my phone...

But, let's just get into the article:


E - Egyptian blue

beautiful, blue, and clouds image anubis, blue, and egyptian image

L - Lava

beautiful, lava, and nature image Image by Arkalis

E - Eucalyptus

bed, comfy, and cotton image Temporarily removed

N -Navy blue

aesthetic, boat, and mediterranean image blue, long, and mysterious image
aesthetic, alternative, and blue image

A - Amaranth

aesthetic, burgundy, and dark image colour, flowers, and nature image
words image

I hope you enjoyed this article. This is my first ti me to do something like this and I am so excited. It was a lot of fun, I might do it again...