Hey Candies!
How are you? I hope you are fine! In today's article of "30 Days Writing Challenge" I have to write something that someone told me about myself and I never forgot but because it would be too small, I will write something like a storytime. Soo let's get started!

The story begins when I was talking with my friends via Viber about meeting. We could met 3 of 4. And we would met...when we did we was talking for too long until we said to do the "Best Friends Challenge". We was asking questions and the last one was to say 3 good and 3 bad things about our friends' character. So, the good thing that made me very happy and I will never forget was that I am a very very good friend. Both of my friend told this to me and that made me feel so good about myself!

And that was the end of the article! I know that for some of you being called a very good friend isn't the best but for me that I have feel the real pain from a lot of friendships is the best feeling when I know that my friends feel confident and generally perfect when they are with me. Please heart and react to my article because it really helps me! Also, of you want follow me and send me a postcard with what you want me to write!