Heyy there, I'm K and I wanted to share this experience that I'm gonna go through with all of you guys, so hopefully this post inspires a lot of you guys to pursue your dreams and don't let yourselves down easily.

Have you ever felt as if one day was as normal as any other day but, in fact, that day changes everything? That was the kind of day today was.
I was in my room going through WHI and so all those beautiful girls and aesthetic pictures and I was wondering when will my bloom come? I've been asking myself that question for so long. I'm done thinking that. I'm done thinking that I'll wait here for my body to change while I feel sorrow for myself.
Maybe I'm not gonna look the way I want today, after doing some crunches and taking my dog for a walk. But the sooner I start changing my life style the better. So from this very day, I'm gonna start working as hard as I can to be the woman I want to be in the future.

While having all of this going on in my mind at that moment, i found out in apple store an app called "30 day challenge" (you can easily find it if you want to use it as well). This app has specific challenges for the part of the body that you want to change and I feel like it's going to be easier for me to start a routine if I start doing a challenge. Although I wasn't 100% sure about doing it because I usually don't get to go all the way with this kind of challengex, I thought it was a good idea to share this experience with you so that I can be more focused on the challenge and why I'm doing it and also to hopefully inspire you to do the same and share your experience with me.


Now, I'm going to talk about the challenge itself.

I'm doing the abs challenge the medium easy (if you have the app you'll know what I'm talking about).
Today was the first day and I felt the soreness in my abs because I haven't been doing a lot of abs lately, but it wasn't like a killer workout, it was just right.

The excercises were:
crunches, inverted crunches, crunches with arms in chest, and a plan (I think. If I got any of that wrong, let me know).

I felt good after doing it and I really hope I can go all the way with this challenge.

Sorry wguys for making this post so long but I felt like I needed to share my story with you. The next posts of this challenge are going to be way shorter. I promise.


c a r l o t a .