Seeing you today was as seeing you the first time that I met you,
You look exactly the same,
same bright hair, a little bit longer than you used to have it.
same dark brown eyes, same perfect smile,
same voice, same jokes, same all...

It seems like nothing has change,
you still look as handsome as the day I felt for you,
and seeing you today was like going back in time,
seeing you today felt like those times were you used to be mine.

Even though it has been so long since we felt apart,
I still remember what it felt to be by your side,
I still remember the touch of your hand,
I still remember the night rides in your red car.

But seeing you today also brought me those sad nights
were I used to lay in my bed and cry it all out,
were I used to overthink everything inside my mind,
were I used to think that you were the only one that I will ever want.

Seeing you today felt like the times were I have been hurted the most.
Seeing you today reminded me why I don't want you in my life anymore.

So I came to a conclusion:
you´ve brought heaven,
you´ve brought me hell
You brought me a lesson I will never forget.

Seeing you today felt good, felt bad,
now I realize, that everything I felt this day
helped me become the girl I am.

So thank you for this day,
thank you for letting me never forget,
thank you for reminding me all over again,
for giving me the pleasure of seeing you today.