People say that when you have anxiety, depression or any other sort of mental illness, that you should reach out and get help before things get too bad. It's amazing the amount of times that people do try and just keep getting shut down by their family, friends or whoever it may be. It leaves them feeling like no one cares, although they know that people do care about them, it just makes them think that they can't get through it because no one is there to help them and no one understands the pain and suffering.

When these people do try and reach out to get help, people may hear what they are saying but they don't actually listen and they just say that everything is ok and that's it. They start talking about other things such as themselves and their problems when you were trying to talk about your issues. I think that people just love the sound of their voice and so they don't give anyone else a chance, they believe that their problems are more important than yours. I'm not saying that their issues aren't important but they should also listen to others.

Maybe it's the difference in the way we grew up but sometimes parents just don't seem to understand the struggles of school and having a mental illness, they don't believe it's there and that you're just making everything up. It's like they only realise the severity of the situation when you start to harm yourself and even then they might just start attacking you by asking why you did it and to stop. They believe that you're just seeking attention but what they don't understand is that maybe it's a cry for help, that you have just reached your tipping point and can't do it anymore.