Dear you,
i love you, and jesus fuck does it scares the living crap out of me. you left me for 7 fucking months.
7 months.
then you expect me to actually care about you. well guess what i fucking do. i will always care about you. why you might ask.
because i fucking love you.
i still love you,
and the most fuck up thing about this is not for the fact it took you 7 months after you left to hit me up, but its the fact you hit me up after she broke up with you.
i guess i will always the second choice,
i guess i will always be the one to pick you.
that's the part me that has hope for you.
a part of me hates you.
i hate you. i hate the way you didn't care about me.
i hate the way you got jealous at everything
i hate the way you didn't love me
i hate every single thing
i hate myself the most for actually loving you.