Who are you?
You are my friend,
My sister,
My confidant,
But, who are you?
I see little glimpses of you everyday,
The way you act,
And what you say,
But at the end of the day,
Only you know you,
And only you know what you do,
And at the end of the of the evening,
It is you alone in your room,

We all walk our own path,
Unsure of where to step,
Yet our hands do touch each other,
Often with pain and regret,
So we step with caution,
Wondering what to do,
But I often wonder,
Who are you?

Is your smile filled with pain?
Our shared laughter filled with sorrow?
Do you ever wonder if you ’ll ever reach tomorrow?
Am I a fool to not have noticed,
Something that was always there?
Incompetent, unseeing, useless,
As your feelings remain unshared?

Are your thoughts in Heaven?
As mine go to hell?
I feel as though this thinking,
Might make me unwell,
Perhaps I am paranoid,
Or maybe I am unaware of what I see,
Because the next thing you know,
Your own problem is me

Now I continue to smile,
And laugh as friends would do,
But I often ask the question,
Who are you?

alternative, black, and dark image girl, smoke, and grunge image Image by Daiany Ribeiro sad, black, and black and white image