i don't want to waste this summer. i tell myself every summer that i will make that summer the best summer but i never do. i take summers for granted but this summer might be the best actually. i made some changes recently and it will effect my summer for the better so i'm super excited :) anyways my 3rd article is about a list of goals i am hoping to achieve this summer; feel free to use these ideas if you're interested


p.s. some of these are super easy and i do them every summer but they are what makes summer, well summer!!

summer of 2018

  • go outside!!! this is so simple yet a lot of the time people are still inside glued to their phones (guilty, i love air conditioning especially on humid days)
  • get a summer job- this can really keep you busy and making money for whatever you want. these jobs are usually pretty flexible too!
  • sunbathe- i need this! i hate being so pale all summer especially since i never tan so i'm going to try and safely get color this summer. i do recommend using sunscreen and suntan oil
  • drive-in theaters- i actually have a few only about an hour from me so i definitely have to! but if you don't there are always ways to make them in your own backyard if you are able to :)
  • spend time with your best friends- i especially need to do this since my best friend, who is two years older than me, leaves for college this summer which i'm not sure how i will survive but i definitely need to spend the most time w her!
  • go berry picking- i used to do this when i was a kid at a strawberry farm nearby and i loved it! these strawberries were better than the store-bought ones and cheaper.
  • grill out as much as possible- i love barbecuing and picnic stuff like this, where i live, you can only do it in the summer and very early fall so take advantage of that
  • go on late night drives- there is something about night drives when it is still warm and light out! listening to throwbacks with your best friends or partners is such a healthy and relaxing feeling. absolutely one of my favorite things about summer
  • pool days- i need to swim more and stay in the sun! swimming is a really good workout too
  • amusement parks- these are such a great way to spend an entire day outside walking around and riding a bunch of roller coasters. i live for those thrills when you're at the top of the coaster
  • go to the zoo- i love animals and seeing them make my heart full! zoos are great days for family days, dates, and even just a friends trip.
  • go to the carnival/fair- these are what really complete summer. the food, carnival games, and rides + all of the other reasons. i love the fair in my town so i'm looking forward to that

that was only 12 things i want to do this summer but i didn't wanna make it too long! let me know if i should make a part two, anyways thank you for reading! don't take your summer for granted☼☼☼