Basically these are a few of the goals I hope to come close to reaching or fully reach by the time summer hits. The summer is a time to be happy and enjoy life and I want to be able to fully take in what’s happening around me, without having to worry about stupid things that hold me back from being who I am.
There are 6 goals I am hoping to reach by the time summer hits. (June 21st)
1. Be Happy
Yes, cliche, but reasonable. Everyone wants to be happy. It’s a hard thing to not want. I just hope to feel confident enough with myself so that I’m more happy than I am now.

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2. Money
I really need to start saving my money, asap. Especially if I want to buy the 5 pairs of shoes I want at the moment, as well as a chinchilla. A job would be nice, but I have to wait until I’m 16 to work at the place I want to right now. I’m currently still 14, 3 months to 15!

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3. Workout
I need to workout more in order to feel more confident with myself. I’m currently not the biggest fan of my body and it would really help if I started working out more. I want to have a body I’ll feel comfortable in by the time summer hits, especially because it’ll be bikini season. Here’s a few pictures of the current workout routine I’ve been doing.

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(I also do yoga, stretches, and Kendall Jenner's ab workout)

4. Music
I would like to say I have a pretty broad taste of music. I can go from listening to kpop, to xxxtentacion, to lorde in the matter 10 minutes. But I would definitely like to expand my music taste a bit more!

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5. Makeup
I would like to expand my style of makeup a bit more. I want to get better at the art we call ‘makeup.’ I probably still wouldn’t wear it that often but it would be very cool to have the skill, especially for fun events or for when I’m bored. (This is also a good time to say that my money goal would definitely come in handy!)

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6. School
School is definitely not the most fun place in the world, let’s be honest. But I’m in highschool now, and my education is important. This obviously isn’t a very good ‘summer’ goal, but over the summer I’d like to reflect back on my first year of highschool and see what I can do in order to make my 2nd year even better.

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- These were my summer goals of 2018.