Hi, lovely people! Today, I am starting Rant of A Teenage Girl. This is going to be a little collection of rants I, as a teenage girl, have. My first topic is: Career

What Do You Want To Be?

Since we were little, we have been asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And let me tell you, this has not once helped me know what I want to be.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
— Anyone and everyone

I mean, it's good that they want us to be thinking about it, but for some of us, that constant questioning just makes us stress about it. Not only do some people stress about it, but it's expected of us to want one thing and for that one thing to be, what they see as, practical

Growing Up

You know what I wanted to be when I was little? A singer. Now? Not a singer. I'm not quite sure what I want to be; I just know it's not a singer. Being a singer isn't a bad job or anything, but I've changed since I was little. Heck, I've changed since last year! So, no, I don't know what I want to do with my life.

What I Want To Do

Since we are on the topic of 'What I want to be', I'll share a little list of the things I want to do:

  • I want to write novels
  • I want to design and sell vegan clothing
  • I want to study vet med. and Zoology (the study of animals)
  • I want to be an actress
  • I definitely want some type of business

I could go on to lesser dreams, but these are the ones I chose. Clearly, this is a wide variety though. Now, there are plenty of people who would try and steer me into something nine to five, but I think that is unfair. We are told we should want something stable. I can agree with that, but I don't think it's fair to try and mold what we think is stable.

I think when we get into high school most of us have this programmed answer. For example, when someone asks me what I want to do, I tell them I want to do Zoology and that I want to work in animal conservation. That is something I want to do, but it isn't necessarily the only thing nor am I set in stone about it.

That is something I want to do, but isn't necessarily the only thing nor am I set in stone about it.
— Every teen ever


As a teenager getting ready for college life, we all stress about how we are going to reach our dreams. We all should know by now that it isn't our intelligence that needs help, but it's our funding! I worry less about my grades and more about how I'm going to get through college without becoming an indentured servant.

So, that was my little rant about 'what do you want to be?' I guess I just have an issue with how we go about kids and their future careers. I think we should encourage kids to reach their dreams — while not forcing it into what you think it should be.

Live life your way,


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