Happy Easter and April Fool's you guys!! School is almost over, so let's hang in there and finish strong.
I'm very happy with my progress and the books I've read so far. I am 9 books ahead of schedule and have read 26 Books out of my goal of 70! We're slowly but surely getting there.
I hope everyone else's reading progress is also going well!

April Book List

  • Dear Creature by Johnathan Case
mermaid, grunge, and hand image movie image
I was sooo excited to watch The Shape of Water that I looked for recommendations of similar book topics to help pass the time until I eventually got to watch it, and this was in one of the recommendations! (I did watch The Shape of Water by the way, and it was entirely wonderful.)
  • Horns by Joe Hill
Temporarily removed horns image
I've been meaning to watch the movie for this since forever, and I was surprised that there was a book in relations to it. I still haven't watched the movie for some reason, but now I think I might as well read the book.
  • The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines
chip and joanna gaines and the magnolia story image design, exterior, and house image
I honestly haven't watched a lot of these guys on HGTV, but when they do come up everything is always so nice and genuine, and it's honestly such a great and crazy thing that they're still together with so many kids since I know a lot of HGTV couples end up divorcing after a while. I really want to know more about them because of this~
  • The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly
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I bought this book for my sister when she asked me to buy a book I thought she might like, and she ended up really enjoying it! So now I'm hoping I'll like it just as much.
  • The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge
Image by Mickymouse book, photography, and reading image
I got this book on a two-for-one credit sale on Audible, and honestly, I can't recall what it's about and I'm taking the month of April to just clear my listening shelf. I do a lot of Audiobooks so I want all of the ones I bought at random to be done with before summer. This is one of them.
  • West Cork by Sam Bungey & Jennifer Forde
ireland, moody, and west cork image audible, books, and music image
And this is another. They were giving this book away fro free on Audible, and since I'm not very picky on my stories, I thought I might as well give it a try~ Now it's time to actually try it!
  • Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
Temporarily removed april, asakusa, and asia image
The cover of this book is sooooo pretty. And I've really been wanting to read more from cultural authors, so it'll be really interesting to read this one. A lot of people at my library have liked it, so I'm expecting something good.
  • The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
arte, abstract, and naturaleza image forest, sunlight, and woods image
I know, I know, it's a kids' book, but I love kids' books. They're always so fun and interesting, and I've been wanting to read this one since last summer when it was super hot on the shelves, so now's a good time as any to do so since the second book came out. (And yes. I know about the picture. I think it's hilarious.)
  • The Spider & the Fly by Claudia Rowe
Image by yasminguglielmelli nest, raindrops, and day image
This is about a serial killer hunt I think? I'm not sure, but I've been missing my Criminal Minds and Mindhunter the book -and Netflix series-was amazing, so hopefully this gives me my monthly dose of psycho, haha.

Wish Me Luck~

That makes a total of 9 Books for April!
If you'd like to discuss any of the books for this month feel free to send me a message or talk to me on Goodreads!

All of my other Monthly Book Lists will be kept in this collection.