Hiyaaaa, so today i've decided to write an article on 15 things you can try and do everyday to make you feel more happy and positive. i'm deffo gonna try and do more of these things. Enjoy readinggggg!

1) Wake up earlier and make your bed

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Not only does this one small thing make your room look so much tidier, waking up early and doing one tiny productive thing can make you feel so much more awake and it improves your productivity for the rest of the day.

2) Stay hydrated

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Drinking water has so many benefits for example it improves your skin, increases your energy levels meaning you can get so much more done in the day and drinking water as soon as you wake up can also help you to feel more awake quicker.

3) Think of at least one positive thing

Try and think of something that makes you happy or something your proud of doing during the day. You could also write down 2 things that your grateful for each day. but of course sometimes it is perfectly fine to feel down or upset- you might just need something to cheer you up.

4) Make someone smile

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You never know who's day you could be making just from a smile.Remember happiness is contagious and making someone else smile can make you feel so much happier too. You could sit with friends/family or volunteer somewhere to make other people happy.

5) Put down your electronics for a bit

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When you constantly have your phone glued to your hand( which is literally me and any other teenager) it can cause you to have headaches or you either get stressed and worried about the slightest thing like, likes or if someone has replied. Sometimes its good to just take a break to socialize , read or be artistic.

6) Make time for yourself

paint your nails, take time to make yourself feel good instead of rushing around for everyone else.

7) Read a book

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Reading helps you to learn new words and expand your vocab it also helps you to become more imaginative.

8) Plan your day/outfits

Become a more organised person- it will definitely make you less stressed.

9) Talk to family and friends

sometimes all it takes is hanging out with other people to make you smile it can also make your families day so much better too.

10) Smile at people

ive kinda already mentioned this one but just smile at a random person in the street, they could be going through a bad time and it could make them feel so much happier.

11) Create a playlist of songs

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Make a playlist of songs that make you feel good and hyped about the day. It can actually make such a difference especially if your getting ready in the morning and when you listen to lively songs it makes you feel way more awake.

12) Watch something that makes you laugh

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Your favorite youtubers for example (OMG DOLAN TWINSSSSSS)

13 Get fresh air

Go out for a walk, sometimes being inside all day can make you feel irritable and groggy.

14) Eat healthy

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It'll make you feel better about yourself and you won't end up feeling guilty. Also exercise it's a great way to relieve stress.

15) Learn something new

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Why notttttt?

So, i hope you enjoyed this article and i hope you've learnt some new things you can do every day to improve your lifestyle. Thanks for readingggg!
Byeeeee x