I sat on the enchanting seashore with not a single emotion on my face.
Divine Palm trees stood in it's proudest glory..
I stared into the deep, breathtaking, mystery...
It somehow compelled me...I felt impatient..
My light, soft hair gently blew in the ocean breeze as my dainty eyes sparkled out of curiousity.
I was captivated..

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This bottomless trench intricately carved inside of me kept screaming it's calls for obedience, but i didn't listen.

And so my journey began~

night and sea image

There was pain..
There was cruelty..
There was sadness!
I wanted to disappear!
Glass upon glass endlessly pierced into my aching heart as my mind bellowed for help and comfort...

The sweet ocean breeze turned to never ending storms!
The tropical sunshine became silver-grey storm clouds and roaring thunder..
The waves became higher than skyscrapers, or the tallest tsunami..
I was suffering..
I had no one beside me..
I was alone,inconsolable, hopeless...

Soon after,
most of the horrid storms cleared up as I began to recognize the crystal like colors of the refreshing waters as they gracefully washed over me...
I was finally at my destination..
The beauty now was undeniable.
It was cold yet dazzling..
contentment and grace filled my soul whilst I enjoyed true forms of purity..

beach, sea, and ocean image

I finally arrived..and I couldn't be more elated to begin a new journey..

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