Hi everyone! This is my first article so to help me get comfortable with everything I'm going to do the #LetterbyLetterChallenge by @Paulien_99 :) Enjoy!


Kill Em with Kindness - Selena Gomez

Alone - Halsey

Right Now -Rihanna

Love Lies - Khalid, Normani

Everyday - Logic

Everything is Yours - Kehlani

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TV shows, Books, & Movies

K (yes, there is a show just called "K" it's an anime: aka K Project)



Law and Order: SVU

Easy A

Ella Enchanted

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Emotional (sometimes)

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Celebrities or Characters

Kevin Tran (Supernatural)

Ariana Grande


Luke Bryan


Ed Sheeran

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Random, Random, Random

Kookie (BTS Jungkook; he was born the same year as my and is only a month older than me)

Animal person (I have two dogs, a corn snake, and a leopard gecko currently; I've always grown up around dogs)

Really random (It seems like I have some sort of interest in every genre lol)

Leaves changing (My birthday is in autumn, I like the temperature during that time and the colors)

Excitable about my obsessions (I easily get obsessed with things lol this includes dogs)

Easily overthinks

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Thank you for reading! Hope you check out my collections and profile:)