i want to fall for someone.i want to fall so hard, that i would do everything for the person, that i would give my life for him.
i want to love someone and i want to be loved.
i want to kiss someone, to get lost in it.
i want to lose track of time when i´m around the person and
to just feel special for once.

but when is this going to happen? how long do i have to wait?
i don´t want to wait anymore and i just can´t.
i need someone around me. i need someone to fix me, to make me to a better person.
i can´t do this alone.

i know that i probably don´t need another person to fix me, to make me to a better person, but maybe that someone will show me, that i´m already the best version of myself and that i don´t need to change.

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