Hello beautiful person!

I´m sorry I haven´t posted anything for a while, I have been lacking of inspiration.
But here I am now and today I will share with you my favorite songs from several musicals.
I have to say that I love musicals, they are like the perfect combination of music, dance and acting, which I love dearly.
The following songs really get to my very soul.

Let the playlist begin!...

1. And I´m Telling You I´m Not Going - Dreamgirls
2. Burn- Hamilton
3. Cell Block Tango - Chicago
4. Don´t Rain On My Rain - Funny Girl
5. Funny Girl - Funny Girl
6. Satisfied - Hamilton
7. Only Us - Dear Evan Hansen
8. Listen - Dreamgirls
9. I Dreamed A Dream - Les Miserables
10. Wait For It - Hamilton
11. Seventeen - Heathers

Okay people I could go on and on with this playlist... but I will leave it here.
Please check out all this musicals; I adore each one of them.

Look forward to more articles about this musicals I just mentioned.

Here´s another playlist of mine

´Till next post,


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