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Perfect outfit for a meet with friends. A transparent black blouse with a comfort mom jeans. A pony tail will give a cute style.


fashion, style, and white image Calvin Klein, fashion, and jeans image sweater, clothes, and winter image hair, blonde, and fashion image
For a lunch with family or bae. A beautiful white bralette with mom jeans. Add a beige cardigan to feel cozier.


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For a chill-in-wednesday. A sweatshirt with a comfy boxer braids. Add a cap and sunglasses to look cooler.


fashion, pink, and satin image fashion, jeans, and style image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Cool for school or collage. A tank top with ripped jeans. Some black boots and sunglasses.


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For a friday night something fancy. A lace tank top with skinny jeans. A dark make up and cool hairstyle.

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