5 songs that I consider "warm" or perfect to listen to while drinking a cup of coffee

follow this playlist on my spotify @babyxspicex it's the tea cup emoji:

5 Best Part (Feat. H.E.R) - Daniel Caeser

This guy is definitely coming up in the music world and he deserves her. Both Daniel and H.E.R have beautiful and calming voices

4 Honey - Kehlani

One of my favorite LGBT+ artists and my favorite song by her. Extremely cute.

3 Deserve You - Esty

Highly underrated I've been listening to her for a couple of years now and she just put out new music and I love it so much. This is one of my favorites by her after Cleopatra's Hymn

2 Warm - SG Lewis

Even the title fits the playlist but SG Lewis is amazing! I have a couple of his songs in here because his style is quite different but he's one of my top male artists to listen to

1 Lemondrops - Telana

I've mentioned this song in another article before but it's so smooth and the lyrics are uplifting about hard times and it's one of my picker-upper songs

The playlist also includes songs on the sadder sad like heartbreak but I didn't include them just because I picked uplifting and cute songs for my top 5. Enjoy!