This playlist is titled "sad again" because i am an emotional wreck all the time. Hopefully this playlist can comfort some of y'all in your hard times.

Temporarily removed
The best you had - Nina Nesbitt " I've been using bodies just to get me through the night"
alone, grunge, and sad image
Empty house- Billy Locket "Its been easier to fall then try to walk"
girl, city, and night image
Made to love you- Dan Owen " If i was made to love you, then how could you bring me pain"
girl and dark image
Why- Skinny Living " How many suffer in silence? cuz real men don't cry"
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Panic- L Devine " it's time to panic i'm in love, i never wanted this for us"
flowers, forest, and nature image
Bobby- beabadoobee " Bobby always had a stitch on the left side on her wrist"
ghost image
Lonely- Dandilion Hands "lonely, lonely that is you"

More songs on my playlist! hope you enjoy