Hello wonderful people! Here is a short article about me, I hope you enjoy it! :)

1. I love Harry Potter :)

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I've been a Harry Potter fan for quite some time and I will never stop loving it. It inspired me to love books even more!

2. I'm a big quotes and poem person

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Quotes and poems have saved me so many times. I always love whenever I find a good quote that I relate to and a poem I can connect with. It lifts my spirits when I find words that inspire me everyday.

3. I'm short

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nuff said, I'm just really short for my age but I love it :)

4. I love Demi Lovato

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How can you not love this amazing, talented, humble, and beautiful women? Honestly though, her music is everything to me and I adore her so much.

5. I LOVE cheesecake :)

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If you give me cheesecake, I will love you forever.

6. I'm from the Philippines

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Full filipino :)

7. I'm a capricorn

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8. I get startled very easily

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I don't even know how this started but I just get startled by the littlest of things sometimes.

9. I love giving and receiving hugs

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The idea of hugs for me is like spreading happiness to someone else. So hug me and I will hug you even more.

10. I love adventure

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I definitely want to go travel the world one day with my friends and just escape and discover.

11. I watch movies more then T.V. shows

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I love watching movies especially disney or marvel ones. My go to movie when I'm bored is Captain America: Civil War :)

12. I love photography :)

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I love capturing moments and memories. I especially love taking nature photography.

13. I love the outdoors and nature

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Nature for me is an escape from reality. I love just walking around and seeing everything. Nature is really beautiful when you take the time to appreciate it.

Hope you enjoyed this article! :)
Stay positive,
spread happiness,
and inspire others.

Love, Raianna