Today I will share my top favourite series !

Pretty Little Liars

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The vampire diaries

delena, tvd, and the vampire diaries image love, kiss, and elena image cast, final, and Finale image Temporarily removed

The Bold Type

feminist and the bold type image boss, the bold type, and aisha dee image
the bold type image Image removed


magnus, alec, and maleç image beautiful, brunette, and gif image Temporarily removed Image removed


dynasty, serie, and netflix image Temporarily removed
dynasty, gif, and Queen image Image removed

This is us

Image removed quotes, this is us, and tv show image mandy moore, this is us, and tv image brother, family, and quotes image

The Royals

william moseley, the royals, and alexandra park image Image removed
gif, otp, and eleanor henstridge image the royals, alexandra park, and tom austen image

The originals

actor, boy, and hybrid image The Originals, joseph morgan, and nathaniel buzolic image
gif, to, and tvd image The Originals, rebekah, and always and forever image

Jane the virgin

jane the virgin image Temporarily removed
Image removed jane the virgin image