That's how all this left me feeling

Without purpose
Like someone had taken all the parts of me and disassembled them

And now all they can do is lie there
Scattered all over the place

Temporarily removed

How do I move forward from this?
How do I move forward from breaking, when it seems like there's no point to anything?

Could I just lay here for the rest of time?
Unmoving, and still
Like shards of broken glass

mirror, glass, and grunge image

I stare at a point in the distance
My eyes not really focusing on it
My gaze distant and dazed

I can't
Because the world moves on
And I too am swept along with it

grunge, glass, and broken image

No matter how much this broke me
My parts will come crawling back to each other one day
And bind tightly
Put back together with super glue

Maybe the worst is yet to come
But the breaking is over for now
And the show must go on

black, breaking, and poet image