Hey friends!

Today's April 1st, so I want to share with you how I prepared my planner for this month.

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My planner

april, college, and inspiration image

Write the month

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I know it's april, but I wrote it in spanish.

Choose a style

planet, art, and space image
Universe is my April inspiration.

You have so many options to choose:
- Universe.
- Flowers.
- Nature.
- Vintage.
- Collage.
- Rainbows.
- Basicallly anything that you want.

Write the days

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You can make it fancy and do some lettering.

Choose a color

april, college, and inspiration image

Universe related, I choose blue for this month.💙

Decor how you want to

april, college, and inspo image Temporarily removed

At this time you can add stickers, drawings, quotes, pictures, washitapes, etc.

Wake up and chase your dreams.
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This plan with me wasn't fancy but I promise the next one will be more organized and pretty haha♡

And that's all I hope you like it, give it a ❤ if you want and you will read me in my next article!

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Kisses, Constanza.