Dear: Lost Love

It's sad to think I had a chance with you but never took it, always too afraid to speak my mind and tell you how I felt. I thought I'd get over you or maybe I thought I still had time to slowly win you over. Too busy over thinking on what I should do next; how I can pretend not to care, to notice that you were slipping through the gaps of my fingers and before I knew it, You were out of reach. Gone.
You had found somebody new, somebody who wasn't afraid to grab what she wanted, Somebody who'd tell you how she felt without thinking twice and didn't feel vulnerable doing so. Once I found out she was crawling her way through to your heart, I immediately gave up. Sat back and did nothing, how can I compete with that? I didn't stand a chance or at least didn't think I did.

What's worst is that I find out a year later that I did, that the feeling was mutual. I just had to open my mouth and speak. That's all he wanted.
Of course I realised this when it was too late and if I could go back I'd definitely do things differently.
You learn from your mistakes and they make you grow but this mistake will haunt me forever.

Always yours: