Hello fellows, this article idea has been flying through my head for quite a while and I needed to think about it for a long time. Eventually I decided to just start off and other favourite fictional characters into a part two. So without any further ado, let's go.
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Stiles Stilinski There are plenty of reasons why he is one of my absolute favourite characters. First of all, he looks damn good, ok and no one can tell me anything else. he is a very smart, kind, loving and a hopelessly clumsy fellow. Although he among his friends is the only human he does a great job dealing with supernatrual creatures and new challenges. He never gives up or is unloyal to his freinds and family.
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The Winchester Brothers

If you are watching this show you will as well know that these to aren't really separable. I love how different they are from one another. Dean is more of the tough and cool one. He really is into rock music and loves his Impala, which is his ride. Sam is more of the sesitive kind of guy and he is pretty smart, too. While Dean is usually taking a job and (not always but often) taking care of the people in need Sam is doing the research and helping with his knowledge but also with his physical skills. Both of them are badassing whole way through.

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Even though I don't even know the sir name of this dude, I somehow really like him. [Spoiler Alert] First to mention: I am glad that he and Emma didn't end up together because Dylan and Emma are perfect together and tobe perfectly honest Gunner isn't much of an intelligent person. Don't take me wrong, he also isn't sumb but I mean he smokes a shitload of weed and maybe doesn't really care much about family (because they have never showed his and he is hanging up with the freaking drug kings of white pine bay, so...) Nonetheless he is wonderful, adventurous, attractive, funny and cool. He could be the perfect friend for a camping weekend and maybe the perfect boyfriend for Bradley Martin.

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Theodore Finch

The next person I want to talk about is Theodore Finch from the book "All the bright places" by Jennifer Niven. If you are often on my page you will have noticed that I am madly in love with this book and especially with this character. He is a depressed teenage emo boy with dark hair and bright blue eyes. He is such a beautiful person and adorably careful when it comes to seeing Violet Markey, one of his few friends. He also helps her in her hardest times and loves her but I guess that is obvious (If you've read teh book). He also loves to find beautiful places and to wander around. Finch is a person who overthinks pretty much everything in his room and actually has many sticky notes with random toughts attached to his bedroom wall. Which I think is a pretty cool thing to do.

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Owen Armstrong

Sarah Dessen has written one of the most powerful books I've ever read, It contains topics such as anorexia, modelling, broken families, anger issues and of course music. Owen Armstrong is dealing with such anger issues but manages to suppress them and become a wonderful non-violent person with a special love for music and pretty things such as this girl, Annabel Greene. his story is just beautiful! I don't want to say too much. Just read it yourself and I promise it will change your way of thinking immediately, liek about a lot of stuff and Owen Armstrong is the best companion you could possibly have along.

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