I am continuing the 'If I Were A...' challenge. I want this to be a full on series, and I hope many of you also do this challenge too! It can be whatever you want it to be.

My Home

window, forest, and nature image Image by hecate gold, white, and architecture image inspiration, photography, and window image Temporarily removed gold, aesthetic, and architecture image
hidden in the mist, within the dense forest inside my beautiful castle everything made of gold

My Bedroom

bedroom, gold, and room image Temporarily removed gold, interior, and luxury image Image removed
mainly gold with a hint of rose gold

My Style

dress and flowers image dress image dress, fashion, and style image dress, paolo sebastian, and gown image Temporarily removed makeup, eyebrows, and nails image
simple but beautiful, and dramatic glam

My Throne & Crown

crown, Queen, and diamonds image cristal, ff, and final fantasy image
I hoped you enjoyed,
all the love xx Priscilla