I love taking pictures and I thought I should give some tips as it was requested. So let's get right into it.

1. Get inspiration

home, room, and interior image bedroom, home, and bed image
This is probably the most overrated tip but it really does help. Look up pictures and you can recreate it but make sure to still be original.

2. Good Lighting

dog, animal, and puppy image girl, summer, and hair image
This is also an overrated tip but lighting is definitely key. You don't need to invest in some type of lighting box because it makes the picture look quite harsh. Try using natural lighting.

3. Filters

snow, winter, and road image aesthetics, beach, and blue image
The two pictures above have been edited by me to make it kinda match. Filters can help bring it together. I recommend using the app VSCO as it is amazing and has a lot of free filters.

4. Try Different Angles

travel, beach, and ocean image girl, hair, and travel image
Try different angles because changing it up can make your pictures look amazing so take a couple of shots and pick your favourite snap.

5. Play With Props

coffee, fashion, and sunglasses image bag, fashion, and accessories image
Adding little details can make your pictures better. You can add things like fairy lights, sunglasses like you see in the pictures etc.

So that's all I have for now if you want more tips or want to request anything, you can message me on here or dm me on Instagram: @khadijahxkhan

Xo Khadijah ♡