Heyyyy everyone, i am going to do a challenge about pretty little liars.

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You should visit her tag too <3

I really hope you like it

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01. Favourite female character

I really like all the girls, but Aria will always be my favorite <3

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02. Favorite male character
I think Toby is the most wonderful, handsome and perfect person in this whole world

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03. Least favourite character

This one is so easy because i really hate her :)

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04. Favourite ship

This was so HARD but i think Haleb is the best <3

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05. Ship you like but won't happen

I know i should put only two characters, but they are so wonderful togheter

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we should ignore Paige c:

06. Who I thought was -A

(SPOILER) i always thought Melissa was -A, Jason was the other -A and Noel was -AD but every theory i made was wrong :)

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That's all <3