if you're going to love me then you need to know i'm a completely mess. i stay up all night 'cause i'm always daydreaming and some days i feel everything and other i feel nothing. One hour i'm all sure about myself but then i think that everything is going to go wrong. i tend to lose myself when i'm out here all by my own. i get all sad whenever i start to think about my future because i don't know how to live without this anxiety and confusion.
i love animals, books and comics. i'm cautious about new people 'cause i know it's easy to steal me. there're days when everything is just too much and i won't speak to a single soul so please, don't take it personal when i don't text you back. i come with a lot of baggage so you should know i'm not just a ray of sunshine, i'm also made of headache, tears and chaos. if you're going to love me then you should know i'm amazed with everything that attracts me and i love indie songs that nobody knows about.

i'm cold, rude and sarcastic sometimes, mostly everytime, but 'cause i don't know how to deal with people and react to some things. As much as realist i am, i believe in romance,i don't believe that someone will be your other half 'cause i believe you need to be complete to love someone, but i do believe in love.
there're days that i'm just not okay and i don't feel guilty about that 'cause i know i'm not supposed to be fine all the time and if you don't understand that then you shouldn't be telling me you love me. i'm scared of love and what it does to people so if i push you away i'm sorry. i need to know that you'll know when to hold me when i won't let you in. and when i'm angry, will you know how to face me and put me together again? And when i need some space, i won't mean all the bad words that i will say, so don't runaway. you should know that i'm not for everyone but i hope i am for you.