Today i want to praise our dear nature. We can tank nature for so much, but some of us, a large part of the world does not show gratitude. We need to change this. I want to show you how stunning and beautiful the nature is in this article. Nature has been and always will be a big part of my life. 🌿

"nature is not a place to visit. it is home"
nature image nature, house, and green image Temporarily removed deer, animal, and nature image
"i am most alive among the tall trees"
Temporarily removed nature, forest, and wander image flowers and nature image forest, inspiration, and nature image
"heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads"
nature, forest, and tree image nature image sea and beach image forest, nature, and green image
"nature is one of our greatest teachers"
waves, ocean, and sea image forest, nature, and explore image nature, tree, and river image nature, travel, and landscape image

i hope you enjoyed, and love nature like i do! 🌲