This is day 3 of ''14 days of letter writing'' challenge and it is created by @dontbuymeflowers.

Here are my other days:

A letter to my ex (friend)

Dear T.,
We still hear from one another I know. We still laugh together and share personal and random stuff ocasionally. But we both know it's not the same.

Since your mum left you you just moved away. You stopped calling, texting without any warning and that confused me so much. When I asked you about it your answer was that you're going through a lot and need solitude. But what are friends for? It hurt that you didn't feel me close enough to share your pain. I'd never take advantage of it.

It's whatever now. Before we were out every week, now I haven't even seen you once this year. That's life I guess - we need to learn how to let go of the things we love the most.

I'm still your friend however you act. I want you to know that I loved our sincere, raw, crazy, fun, unique friendship and having you in my life was a gift itself. I hope you are happy without me - I see you are...

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If you've reached this point you have read the text above and I appreciate it so much :) Sorry if it was too long ^^
With love, me <3