So this is my 1st article. lol
Lately I've really wanted to make one and since I've seen this types of articles a lot and since I really love room decoration and interior, I thought that this is a really good start. One of my goals in life is buying an apartment of my own in the big NY and express myself in it with decoration and furnishing. I have a looot of things in mind so please bear with me

We are starting off with
Living room

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i want to have big living room, i don't want it to be filled with a lot of furniture, just with the basic things and the big windows are a must


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unlike the living room, i want the kitchen to be small well an average size, not too small yet not that big. i want it with bright colors, the marble counter and the plants are a huge must + i've always wanted that vases that are with herbs and spices but knowing myself, they are probably going to die in a week


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well idk what's wrong with me but bathrooms with again big windows without any curtains are a FETISH


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okay... MOM I WANT WINDOWS , no fr i really have a fetish for those windows that start from the floor and are up to the ceiling, since i was little i adored those kinds of windows. wellp here's a little bit different and weird bc i want my bedroom to be big and kind of empty (??) i don't want it to be filled up with a lot of stuff, just a bed, little fur carpet, dresser, the famous chair with clothes and random books here and there, i want it to have that bussy - messy vibe


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for the outside i want a balcony, i don't want it to be that big but i want it to be cosy - a lot of plants, chairs, coffee table, lights. i want to have that place in where i can spend the hot summer nights and just relax


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a looooooooot of book shelves and space only for my babies- cacti . and since i'm a floor lover, /don't judge me i love sleeping on the floor/ i want to have that cosy little pillows place where i can just roll over and i want to have that stand hangers with e.g only tops from the same color


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well we got to the conclusion that i really really really love windows so i want to have that city view. i want to watch the sunlight coming through the window and shine all over the place. there's nothing as beautiful as the sunrise /yup im from those people/ the contrast between the warm light and the cold morning feel is something that im dying for and don't get me started with the night city lights pls

well thank yall for the paid attention, it was nice sharing this with you and i hope you have a nice day or an amazing magical night