Hello WHI!
So today I will just write down all my Goals for April and I hope this is intresting for you!

stick to my Fitness/health Goals

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So this doesn't Sound really serious but I am trying to stick to all my Fitness and health Goals because those are big you guys!

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Save Money

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So I am not that good at saving Money but now I am just trying to save my birthday Money and easter Money!

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Get in touch with Boys

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SOOOO that sounds sooo dumb help me but I didn't do that much with love in the last 6 months or something and I Kind of miss it maybe somebody feels me there!

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try to get a summer Job

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So I Need a summer Job and I would be sooo excited to find one because I wanted to work in summer since I am ten I know ist not the ultimate GOAL for everybody but I really want it!

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Keep my space clean

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So I often just clean my room once and leave it and don't do anything so I am trying to make 'little' cleans everyday or second day!

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Start journaling

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I really want to start journaling because I love those Bullet Journal vibes I don't know

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Read the News

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So I just want to get to know more about waht is going on in the world because as an Young adult I want to know whats going on!

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Be Kind

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So actually I am a really Kind and supportive Person but I want to even upgrade it and don't judge or talk shit because it is important to grow as a Person!

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So that was it and I hope I am going to achieve this Goals and I hope you are achieving yours too!

Smooches and lots of love, Leonie