So I am in high school and I realized that it was soooo much more work and projects and most importantly, more STUDYING! So here are some tips that will help organize your study dayz and make life so much easier...(YAY) and all of these were effective for me and I still had time for myself also.

1 ~ Make a STUDY TIMETABLE and make notes of what you need to study or revise.

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2 ~ Highlight important facts and points in your notes so you'll have a better idea of what to focus on..

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3 ~ Decorate your notes with cute (and neat) doodles of what motivates you... Add your favorite quotes or stickers too :3

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4 ~ On your study desk or area, add pretty little plants or pictures that will help motivate you. It would kinda give you a feeling of wanting to actually study.

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5 ~ Every single day when you come home from school, relax for about 10 minutes and then begin your homework. Once you're done with your HW... put aside a good amount of time, about an entire hour or so for revision to recap everything you did for the day and a bit more if you so desire... Once you have finished that, you will now have the entire rest of the evening for relaxation and rest. Continue this routine for almost everyday and all exams should be a breeze..

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6 ~ On days before exams, don't cram any work whatsoever, and when i say don't I mean DON'T! It does NOT help at all! It just makes you forget more stuff than anything else. Just take a simple review of everything right before bed because when you sleep right after revision, most information stays in your head... (it really works) but don't cram, just review.

7 ~ Remember that it's ok to take breaks. Go grab some water or a little healthy snack. Listen to some music to help you not feel stressed... and don't overwork yourself at all.

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Ok that's all for now! All these points are SO SO useful and really do you should try them, and don't forget to message me for any advice concerning studying or basically anything.. byez love you!
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